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Right now I am setting up the website for my Freelance writing company. Why, because im poor and when it comes down to it there is just nothing out there for my kind. You find housing only to find out that it is for the elderly, and when you do find housing for the disabled they only allow physically disabled people to live there, and not the mentally disabled. How is this not considered discrimination? The government gives these places low income tax credits – a credit that allows them to build housing for the elderly and disabled- and they turn around and say that the mentally disabled can’t live there.

I looked up housing for people with Bipolar Disorder and you know what I got, institutions. I said, “What is this”? Am I just supposed to go to a hospital or homeless shelter, because someone doesn’t want me in their complex. Not to mention that I kind of need to stay in my area because all of my doctors are in the area as well as my family. I mean what sense does this make? Mentally ill people are almost pushed to the edge of society, because of this stigma that says that you are crazy or that you are just going to mess up what you get. There aren’t even grants that you can get to help to pay your rent until you can find a job.

What are the mentally ill supposed to do?


What makes me mad


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First of all to the people who follow my blog I thank you. Second here’s something about the system that makes me angry.

I hate it when people assume that poor people have everything that they need. If that were true then there would be no homeless or uneducated people. I see people all the time in my family who assume this, along with people in my family who miss out on a lot of things because they are not educated enough to take advantage them. It’s an epidemic. Really neither side is right. People need to educate themselves, and people who are educated need to take notice of those who are not, and help them learn.

When I was in college I saw disabled people sitting in computer labs struggling to use a computer, and no one around them would help them. I used to think “really you can’t stop and take a moment of your time to help this person? You are going to just push them aside?” I think that a lot of people assume that the disabled can’t do anything, and that’s not true. I haven’t met one disabled person who doesn’t have some special talent that the world is just unaware of. I think that if we took the time and worked with them then non-disabled people wouldn’t be worked to death. There would be less disabled people on welfare . People could be pulled from the depths of poverty, and given a second chance at life. Then we could have a society without people being pushed to the side just because they are different.

The way we view the disabled has to change.

Something to think about. The new face of poverty in America


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We live in a great country, but the Government has crappy rules that penalize people for working. For instance SSI recipients get only $710.00 a month yet can only have 2,000 dollars in their checking accounts at any time. If they have more than that they lose a check for that month. The figures they use to figure this stuff out are outdated, and when someone tries to change it, someone (who has nothing to do with it and knows nothing of what it is like to be on these services) always protests. It’s like “tell your protest to the people like this woman who has no food to feed her family and see what they think”. This was posted to Facebook by writer Anny Cook and highlights what I mean above. Spread the word.
“Empty Pantries”
By. Anny Cook
“I know a woman who finally reached the point of desperation. She works full time. She supports six people. And she can’t feed them so she applied for food stamps.

Yesterday, the social worker informed her she makes $800 a month too much to qualify. Her income is $2400 a month. Her outgo is $3500 a month–not counting groceries and gas to get to work–or any of those other incidentals like toiletries, toilet paper, doctors, dentists, and optometrists.

The social worker very carefully explained how the decision was reached. The state figures on the gross income, before taxes and deductions. Then they subtract your rent. And that’s the figure they use. The rest of the bills like utilities and insurance and groceries? Well that’s the applicant’s problem.

The social worker was polite and as helpful as she was able to be. She offered the woman a list of food pantries.

There’s just one problem with food pantries in her area. They’re open during the week when she’s working. The last time she was able to visit one of them, she received a bag of food that was over a year out of date and moldy. Another food pantry only allows recipients to visit once a month at which time the recipient receives one small bag of food. Funny how the donations to food pantries only happen at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Too bad most folks need to eat the other ten months of the year.

Like much of the middle class, this woman falls through the cracks. She’s employed. Therefore, she doesn’t qualify for assistance. What’s the solution?

I don’t know. I worry about my own kids. Three are living on the knife edge of poverty. How will they survive?

This is America. What happened? Maybe the members of our congress–men and women–should live on that edge for two or three months. I wonder what kind of changes would happen then…


Irony Central: Why the poor are encouraged to be poor in America?


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You may have heard it said that soon there will be no middle class in America, and this is the truth. The middle class bears the burden of paying for the many programs that the government offers yet when it’s time for their children to use them, they can’t.

Many times the only way for the children of middle class families to get the help they need is to sink into poverty. Often times leaving middle class values behind as they are put into a system where there is no one to monitor their progress. Then they face a cruel decision leave the system and be deprived of all the benefits that they get due to their impoverished state, or stay and continue to not work or pay any taxes.

Why do we allow this? The poor should not be penalized for wanting to work. That’s like saying that poor children who have no food should be penalized for wanting to eat. There’s no sense in this . Yet the federal government continues to pull the benefits of people who just want something better than poverty. Take SSI for instance, the average person on SSI ($710.00 a month) is NOT ALLOWED to have more than 2,000 dollars in their checking accounts. Meanwhile the market rent in some areas of the US is above $1,000. This is adding insult to injury. How is the average SSI recipient supposed to live? They are not allowed to open up ANY checking accounts without notifying the SSA, and if they have more than 2,000 dollars in their checking account they lose their benefit for that month. When was the last time $2,000 dollars lasted you two months? Think about gas, (or bus fare) rent, food, clothing, laundry, toiletries etc.

You will see that this money dwindles down to nothing. This is why we have people who are encouraged to do nothing . We constantly send the message to the lower class that if they move into the upper class they will be penalized by having no health insurance or cash benefits, and to the middle class we say unless you move lower you get nothing. The children of both classes are in the middle of this huge debate. Why? Because, lower class children may get all the benefits and all the perks, but the minute they start to use them to support themselves, they enter into the middle class. Then they lose things like health insurance, cash benefits, and the same scholarships for their children that they themselves used. So the cycle begins anew. The parents are forced to either support their child (which many of them can’t afford to do) or abandon them to poverty.

When I got out of high school I went to college, and had to stop because my parents couldn’t pay for it. It was only when I turned eighteen and became an adult and was considered my own household legally (and poor) that I was allowed to continue my education. I had no health insurance (since my parents didn’t cover me anymore) and on top of that I was showing signs of a mental illness that my parents could not afford to treat. Ironically my brother and sister got more help than I did when they went to college, because they went my parents had a lower income thereby putting them in reach for many government programs. 

This is a vicious cycle. Soon there really won’t be a middle class it will be obsolete as more and more people either slip back into poverty, or break the middle class ceiling and join the upper class. We live in a world where you can’t afford to be either poor or moderately well off. So many people are joining the ranks of the poor, and the systems that we have for taking care of them are overwhelmed. It takes a mentally ill person 1-7 years to get housing in some states, and the ones who get it sooner than that are the lucky ones. We have a lot to think about in this situation, and even more to correct.

Disabled people unite


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Hi everyone this is my first post on wordpress and first of all I would like to say hello.

Now down to the business. I live in Maryland and as a disabled person I am shocked at how the system in this state treats the mentally ill. There is almost no help and if you even try to apply for food stamps of some other service the consensus is that if you don’t have kids giving you anything over $100 is a crime. Why should there only be help for people who are undoubtedly bringing children here that they cannot care for? Someone who is terminally or mentally ill could be using that money.

I think that maryland needs to wake up. Mental illness isn’t something that we can sweep under the rug anymore. My parents worked all their lives as middle class people who have supported this system that we have, and when there came a time when their child needed help there was none. Yet all of my relatives who are having kids just so they can stay on welfare are being cared for with anything that the system can provide.  This is a epidemic, the waiting list for section 8 is SEVEN YEARS long, and anyplace where there is housing that is available to people who don’t want to burden the section 8 system anymore than it already is has a waiting list just as long. This is pushing many mentally ill people to the edge of our society and out onto the streets.

There is no health care for these people that covers trips to the Psychiatrist to get the drugs that they so desperately need. Even Medicaid doesn’t cover it, but yet when people don’t take their medication (that they probably can’t afford to get) they are penalized. When is the government at the state level going to make people who have nothing wrong with them and who dont want to work get off of these services so that mentally ill people can get something.

I say that as mentally ill people we need to start hiring ourselves because the system is just screwing us over. We need our own health care and our own means to support ourselves, because to put it bluntly Maryland and a lot of other states just aren’t going to do it. We need to stop taking menial jobs that we can’t do anyway and start using our natural talents to provide the support that we need, Maybe then society will take notice of us and give us some help.

That’s my first post to this blog (and hopefully not my last) visit tanekastreet.com for more updates .